Saturday, September 3, 2011


I made my first ever radio appearance on China Radio International (the state run radio station), which was alot of fun ( You can hear me discuss President Obama's leadership online. My American Foreign Policy and American Politics graduate courses are basically prepared. Ready to begin Monday when I find out that classes will be cancelled the first week for graduate student orientation, which I'm rather disappointed as I'm ready to start teaching. Then the next week is Mid-Autumn Festival (mooncakes!), so no class Monday. All the students arrived this weekend, 5 students per dorm room. I hope to visit the rooms and share pictures of the living conditions. Saw my classroom, better tech equipment than Sac State, but classroom is pretty old. Very busy with invitations to speak etc. Actually, some Americans are teaching here, Oral English. Paid around 5000 yuan per month ($850), with free housing. Weather has cooled, anxious to start teaching, and post more.

Fulbright orientation was excellent, 5 days in Beijing Renaissance Hotel. First class all the way! Ambassador Gary Locke gave us a nice introduction, and lots of good info from the Embassy staff, Chinese students, and Chinese professors. We also enjoyed some great meals and a sightseeing tour through the old city neighborhoods.

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