Friday, December 2, 2011

December Snow

The first snow fell on the first day of December; and some of it actually stuck on the ground and trees. With the moisture comes along of fog and smog socked in. Just finished a week to review Fulbright applicants coming from China to the US, that is all I can say about that; other than it was the first 9-5 job I've had for quite some years, though it was only one week. I enjoyed it.

I received some pictures from one of my lectures provided by 'Rachel', one of the student hosts. So I am adding two of those, not a huge turnout but a very engaged and enjoyable audience. This coming week I have 4 lectures in 4 days in China's Northeast (Dongbei), the former lands of Manchuria, and now the industrial and steel producing areas of the country. It promises to be cold. Friday night and had to cancel plans to go out with the weather in part, but just too tired from the workload this week.

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